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We help you attain the highest test scores possible on the OSCE exams including NAC OSCE, MCCQE II, and other OSCE exams. We are proud to say that we have made a difference for IMG's by doing the following things: Firstly by providing the highest quality teaching possible by instructors who have gotten great scores on the exams themselves. The second way that we make a difference is by providing as much practice for students as possible in history, counselling and physical scenarios that will likely appear on the exams. And lastly, we makes a difference by providing top quality feedback to students while they practice. Feedback on medical content is given by our instructors; and feedback on other aspects that make big difference in the exams such as body language and empathy is given by our team of top SP's (Standardized Patients). Our SP's are actors who understand how to help our students present themselves in the best possible way to examiners.

For more information about the course and class timings, please call us at 604-594-7600. We will be happy to assist you.