About Us

Who We Are

Located in the heart of Surrey, Lead Institute of Learning Inc. is a well-known and trusted name in education. Our staff has been serving in education field for a decade and strives to achieve excellence in every venture we start. Our primary goal is to provide the assistance and guidance that our students need to achieve success in their respective careers.

We have a number of programs and courses that prepare students for a wide range of job opportunities. We provide preparation classes for Real Estate & Mortgage Broker courses, Insurance courses, Security Training courses, Language courses and many more. You can see the details of the courses in the courses section of the website. After completion of the courses, all of students get licenses and successfully work in the career of their choice. A large of number of students have already benefited from our well designed and easy-to-understand coaching classes.

We also provide tutoring services for school, college and university students in various subjects. We, at Lead Institute, have dedicated ourselves to serving our community in the education sector. Our goal is to build strong foundations for students and to encourage them to attend colleges and universities so they can attain professional degrees. We want to see our youngsters making it big in their careers. We want to see more of our children becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers, and scientists, or join other prestigious professions. We strongly believe that education is a key that opens doors to a bright future, hence our effort and dedication. We strive to bring awareness of education in our community and we hope that all of us contribute as much as we can.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors/tutors that helps you on your way to success.

Mission Statement