About Us

Why Lead Security?

  • We deliver quality service at competitive prices.
  • We endeavor to hold on to our existing clients.
  • We aim to provide a safe and professional environment for our security guards.
  • We strive to set high standards in all aspects of security services.
  • We create mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.
  • We’ll always recognize and appreciate the marketplace.
  • We support the organizations that legislate, regulate and improve our security industry to give you the best service possible.

What sets our security services apart from the rest?

  • Environmental Management: We minimize the environmental impact of our daily guarding operations by developing an effective environmental policy.
  • Corporate Engagement: We deliver an improved corporate guarding service by making strategic partnerships with our customers, suppliers and the community at large.
  • Staff Management: We are committed to improving the best working practices and also ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Responsible Project Management: We ensure strict compliance with Health & Safety procedures for the safety and security of our guards, customers and stakeholders.
  • Transparent Communications: We are dedicated and committed to our clients, guards and other stakeholders to operate our business in an honest and transparent way.

Qualified Staff

All the security staff at Lead Security Services Ltd. are highly trained and fully qualified.

All our guards:

  • Have received Basic Security Training, certified by the police academy JIBC
  • Hold Provincial Security Worker license
  • No criminal record
  • Are insured
  • Polite and reliable

We keep in contact with our security guards 24 hours a day so we can be sure standards are high and client expectations are met. We are a close and efficient team, comprising of a Human Resources department that regularly vets our guards, and an Operations division that conducts checks at client premises to ensure quality assurance.

Mission Statement

Our Promise to Clients

Our promise to clients is to fulfill the following obligations:

  • Provide vetted, trained and experienced security staff
  • Provide a consistently high quality service that compliments your image
  • Set our prices at the most competitive level
  • Provide insurance cover for all our security officers deployed to your premises
  • Provide a written report of all major incidents and occurrences
  • Regular consultation with clients in our efforts to maintain high quality service